Instructions for candidates providing statements to be published
in the Voters Guide before the 2017 Municipal Election.

We ask for information only from candidates in contested races. The names and party affiliation of uncontested candidates will appear in the Voters Guide. Write-in candidates are not included in the Guide, nor are candidates for such positions as township treasurer or auditor, or local election officials.

Refer to the letter we sent to contested candidates explaining the Voters Guide. The letter explicitly states that responses have a word limit. We will cut your response if you go over the limit. Please don't send us a URL that is not active, or an inaccurate Facebook address. We check these so that voters don't have to.

Candidates for county, municipal and school director offices:

Click here for the questionnaire, MSWord version.

Click here for the questionnaire, pdf version.

Candidates for the office of Magisterial District Judge:

Click here for the questionnaire, MSWord version.

Click here for the questionnaire, pdf version.

Save the file in one of your folders.

Fill out the questionnaire, give it a name that includes some version of your own name, even just your initials such as VG-ABC, and email it to us at We will respond to let you know we have received it.

Typing your answers in the spaces provided, and returning it as a Word document, is very helpful to us as we can then copy and paste your responses.

    Type your answers using your word processor and copy and paste them into our questionnaire.
    Don't use "all caps" in your response.
    Copy and paste our email address to make sure your response is sent accurately.

You have the option to send a hard copy, with your signature, to the street address on the form you received in the mail.

Our absolute deadline to receive your response is October 2. Earlier is better. We will not be able to include any responses received later than October 2. Our deadline to send the entire Guide to The Morning Call for typesetting is October 6.

The Voters Guide will be published on this website after October 6, and in The Morning Call on Thursday, October 26.

Thank you for participating in this year's Voters Guide.