Candidates appear in ballot order. Democrats are listed first in each race, as Pennsylvania currently has a Democratic governor.

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Only candidates in contested races were asked to provide information for this guide.


Candidates in contested races were asked:
"What do you view as the major issue in this campaign and how will you address it?"




Term: 4 years

Vote for one


Robert J. Donchez


No candidates


Term: 4 years

Vote for not more than four


Eric Evans

Bryan Callahan

Adam Waldron

Olga Negron


No candidates




(In Lehigh County, western wards of the City of Bethlehem and Borough of Fountain Hill)

Term: 4 years

Vote for not more than three



Michael E. Faccinetto

BORN: 1978

EDUCATION: Notre Dame High School, 1996; B.S. Penn State University, 2000.

OCCUPATION: Licensed Insurance Agent

QUALIFICATIONS: Bethlehem Area School Director, 8 years; Bethlehem Area Vocational School Director, 8 years; 2017-2018 PSBA President; Pennsylvania School Board Association Governing Board member, 3 years; PSBA Master School Board member; Current graduate student, Lehigh University College of Education, pursuing a future in Educational Leadership.

RESPONSE: The single biggest issue facing public education is the movement to undermine and privatize one of the cornerstones of our democracy. We must force our state and federal legislatures to adequately fund our schools and level the playing field between public schools and publicly funded private charter schools. The cost of school choice continues to threaten the quality of education provided to the 90% of students who continue to choose their local neighborhood public school.


Shannon L. Patrick

BORN: 1976

EDUCATION: Haddonfield Memorial High School, 1994; B.S. Rutgers University, 1998

OCCUPATION: Owner, The Puppy Palace Doggie Day Care, Bethlehem PA

QUALIFICATIONS: Bethlehem Area School District, School Board of Director, 6 years; President, West Broad St. Business Association, 6 years

RESPONSE: I will continue to fight for adequate and fair funding from the state for the Bethlehem Area School District. Along with the rest of the Board, I will continue the fight to ensure that local school districts have more oversight on charter schools residing within their boundaries. Our public schools have so much to offer. We need to do a better job showcasing their accomplishments.


Angela T. Sinkler

BORN: 1966

EDUCATION: Bethlehem HS 1984; University of Delaware 1988, BSN

OCCUPATION: Registered Nurse, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Open Heart Unit

QUALIFICATIONS: School Director: Bethlehem Area SD, Dec. 2013 present; Bethlehem Area Vocational and Technical School, January 2016 present; School Board Curriculum Committee Chairperson, Dec, 2015 present.

RESPONSE: Public Education. My goal is to insure that all children in the BASD continue to be provided with excellent educational opportunities. This will occur by working with the BASD team to support evolving initiatives in public education while balancing fiscal responsibility to the community, which includes working for charter accountability.



John F. Gallagher

Candidate did not respond

Region 1

Term: 4 years

Vote for one



Rogelio Ortiz